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Rich Meads
Publishing / Literature
I'm a writer. I write stuff. Normally it's more eloquent than this. BA(hons) Creative Studies in English 2:1email:
Workshops (Adults)
Workshops (Children and Young People)
Workshops (Vunlnerable Children/Adults)
Journalist, workshop co-ordinater, editor, proofreader, travel writer, academic tutor, poet, performance poet, screenwriter, novelist (once I finish the bloody thing).

If it involves the English language, chances are I've dabbled in it at some point.

From a creative perspective my loves are community, culture, co-operation and making things happen. But, given how that means about as much as "moonberry boomboom wriggleme shiftyplups", I'll go into more detail about what I can actually do.

I can write (and teach) various styles: from screenplays to short stories, journalism to poetry. I've had articles and reviews published at an international level. I can proofread and edit copy to a professional standard, and I managed, wrote for, and edited my own local zine covering music and arts news in Bath (where I studied).

I've recently moved back to the Chase area, and now I'm looking for new opportunities and inspiring people to work with.

Need something writing? Hit me up!