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Jasmine Hill
Visual Arts
I am currently studying Fine Art BA (HONS) at Wolverhampton university and I am currently in my second year my work is aimed at my audience.
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I am currently within my second year at Wolverhampton University where I am studying a BA (HONS) in Fine Art I am most interested in Abstract, surrealism and unconscious or "found" art work. I am very interest in Psychology mainly in Hermann Rorschach and Sigmund Freud's theories. The work which I create is mainly for my audience, the concept of my work is to allow each individual to express themselves or find something new about himself or herself through their unconsciousness within my work. The mediums, which I explore are Painting, Printmaking, Glass work, Photography and Psychology backgrounds. Within all of the work I create I focus on the concept of the minds unconscious applying Rorschach's theory to my work. The career which I am aiming to achieve is to become an Art Therapist.